5:15p - Intermission Cafe
With a low-cost selection of Grab & Go foods for all!
6:15p-7:45p - Kids Clubs, Newth Group, & Call to Prayer
Newth Group

7th - 12th grade spends time singing then studying God's Truth for their lives, then prays and encourages one another in youth L.I.F.T. Groups.

Club 56

5th & 6th Grade spend time memorizing the Shorter Catechism and growing in their understanding of God's Word that give us those truths.

Club Progress

3rd & 4th Grade students spend time reading, reflecting on, memorizing, and dramatizing the historic Christian novel about the Christian life: Pilgrim's Progress.

Kids Club

Our littlest students spend time singing, memorizing, and being built up in their understanding of the basics of the Christian faith.

Women's Bible Study

A large group teaching time with small group discussion & prayer. Childcare provided. See Events for details and to register.

Call to Prayer

An opportunity for all, especially men, to pray for the women & children studying, along with other needs in the congregation and community.