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Morning Worship Service: 19-Feb-2023
Rev. Dr. Joel E. Wood
Rev. Dr. Joel E. Wood
Sunday, February 19, 2023
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Sermon Title: Our Daily Bread
Sermon Text: Matthew 6:7-13

Pastor Joel E. Wood
Worship Guide:

Welcome and Announcements Prelude
Call to Worship:
Psalm 9:1-2

Minister: I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and exult in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.

Hymn: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

(Choir and Congregation sing stanzas 1 & 2)

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!
O my soul, praise him, for he is thy health and salvation.

All ye who hear, now to his temple draw near, Join me in glad adoration.

Praise to the Lord, who o'er all things so wondrously reigneth,

Shelters thee under his wings, yea, so gently sustaineth!
Hast thou not seen how thy desires e'er have been

Granted in what he ordaineth?

(Choir sings stanza 3)

(Choir and Congregation sing stanza 4)

Praise to the Lord! O let all that is in me adore him.
All that hath life and breath, come now with praises before him.

Let the amen sound from his people again; Gladly forever adore him. Amen.

Prayer of Invocation and Lord’s Prayer Confession of Sin
Assurance of Grace:
1 Corinthians 15:3-4 Hymnal #735 Gloria Patri”

Offertory: Proverbs 3:9a
Prayer of the Church: Elder Brad Tidwell

Trinity Hymnal#146 BreakThou the Bread of Life

Break thou the bread of life, dear Lord, to me, as thou didst break the loaves beside the sea; throughout the sacred page I seek thee, Lord, my spirit pants for thee, O living Word.

Bless thou the truth, dear Lord, to me, to me, as thou didst bless the bread by Galilee;
then shall all bondage cease, all fetters fall; and I shall find my peace, my All in all.

Thou art the Bread of Life, O Lord, to me, thy holy Word the truth that saveth me; give me to eat and live with thee above; teach me to love thy truth, for thou art love.

O send thy Spirit, Lord, now unto me,
that he may touch mine eyes, and make me see:
show me the truth concealed within thy Word,
and in thy Book revealed I see the Lord.

Sermon Scripture: Matthew 6:7-13
Sermon: Our Daily Bread” by Pastor Joel E. Wood

Hymnal #165. Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim

Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, and publish abroad his wonderful name; the name, all victorious, of Jesus extol; his kingdom is glorious and rules over all.

God ruleth on high, almighty to save;
and still he is nigh
his presence we have.

The great congregation his triumph shall sing, ascribing salvation to Jesus, our King.

Salvation to God, who sits on the throne! Let all cry aloud and honor the Son.
The praises of Jesus the angels proclaim, fall down on their faces and worship the Lamb.

Then let us adore, and give him his right, all glory and pow'r, and wisdom and might, all honor and blessing, with angels above, and thanks never ceasing for infinite love.

Ordination and Installation of Deacon Vincent Ortiz

Ordination and Installation of Ruling Elder Bill Wood

Hymnal #741
The Apostles’ Creed”
Words of Institution: 1 Corinthians 11:23-29
Communion Prayer
Approach the Table
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Hymnal #731


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