The Bible for Every People: Update on the Titan Language

May 22, 2020

This is from the blog of Steve and Mindy Clover:

We hope you are well during these challenging days. Our family is healthy, and we praise God for that. We are also thankful that,because of Steve's trip to Manus Island in March, he is able to continue working with the Titans on remote assignment helping them translate the Bible into the Titan language.

The is picture is the first page of the translation of theGospel of Matthew in the Titan language, and shows the beginning of the genealogy of Jesus. There are well over two hundred handwritten pages like this that make up the first rough draft of all 28 chapters of Matthew. Steve was able to take pictures of each page during his March trip to Manus Island inPapua New Guinea, and thankfully, every picture turned out crystal clear! He'snow using those pictures to type it all into Paratext, the software used by the translation team. It's challenging work, but we praise God for it!

Thank you again for your partnership with us and the Titan people in this historic work.

Please pray that

  • The Titans will keep working on the translation and sending it to Steve via     the internet.
  • The Titans would be able to speak with the governor of Manus about fixing the     broken cell tower, which would improve communication for the translation     team.