Darkness and Light - Chloe V.

November 30, 2021

When Olive was born, she had no home. Uganda would not claim her, even though she was born on her soil. The US would not acknowledge her, even though both her parents are US citizens. We had to collect forms and paperwork and then submit then painstakingly through the US embassy in Kampala to get her citizenship and passport. We came to find that we were the first people to ever request a birth certificate from the government office in the Napak district. Most locals just use the card from the hospital or an immunization card. Birthdates are often a guess. Zion went through the same limbo period when she was born. Both times it reminded me awkwardly, vividly of the fact that we are strangers in this world.

I’ve had other reminders of the same recently in instances where justice seems elusive and bribed to silence.

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