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Intermission is a midweek boost for your soul with dinner, ministry for kids & youth, Women’s Bible Study and prayer time for adults.

IMPORTANT: In order to adequately plan for staff and resources, we require that each person under the age of 18 that attends Intermission be registered in advance by a parent/guardian. Click HERE to register.

5:15p – 6:15p Intermission Cafe - With a low-cost selection of Grab & Go foods for all! 

6:15p - 7:45p - Kids’ Clubs, Newth Group, & Call to Prayer

Kids Club - Our littlest students spend time learning about God's Biggest Story, drawing kids into Scripture and helping them grasp its overarching message of redemption.

Club Progress - 3rd & 4th Grade students spend time growing in their faith through reading Christian fiction and biography, using their imaginations to see how God might work in their own lives.

Club 56 - 5th & 6th Grade students dive deeper into God's Word, growing in their understanding the truths God is communicating to their own hearts.

Newth Group - 7th - 12th grade spends time singing then studying God's Truth for their lives, then prays and encourages one another in youth L.I.F.T. Groups.

Women's Bible Study - A large group teaching time with small group discussion & prayer. Childcare provided. See Events for details and to register.

Men's Study & Prayer - A time for men to gather around God's Word and pray together for our families, churches, nation, and the gospel to grow in us and the world.


Advance Registration of Minor Children Required