• Consumers vs. Disciples

    Posted Dec 13th, 2013 By in Uncategorized, Why We Do What We Do With | 1 Comment

    Are you a consumer, or a disciple? John chapter six gives us a picture of both. Sadly, in John  6 it is clear that there are far more consumers than there are disciples. I often wonder if the same is not true in many of today’s churches. A consumer follows Jesus only insofar as it …

  • Evangelism, part 4

    Posted Aug 9th, 2013 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Do What We Do With | No Comments

    Telling people what to do and how to do it always gets a lot of attention. Just go to the self-help section in your local bookstore. I’m not knocking self-help books. I’ve bought them and used them before. When you are starting a new hobby or approaching a new subject, they can offer significant help …

  • Trinity, part 5

    Posted Dec 12th, 2010 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Believe What We Believe With | No Comments

    Sanders’ next chapter is on the “Shape of the Gospel: Or, The Tacit Trinitarianism of Evangelical Salvation.” If Chapter Three dealt primarily with the ontological trinity—the Trinity as it is, in its being and essence—Chapter Four, takes up the economical trinity—the Trinity as it acts or functions. The term “economical Trinity” came to be used …

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