• Recommended Reading

    Athanasius by Peter Leithart

    Review from Good Reads:

    This volume by a respected theologian offers fresh consideration of the work of famous fourth-century church father Athanasius, giving specific attention to his use of Scripture, his deployment of metaphysical categories, and the intersection between the two. Peter Leithart not only introduces Athanasius and his biblical theology but also puts Athanasius into dialogue with contemporary theologians. This volume launches the series Foundations of Theological Exegesis and Christian Spirituality. Edited by Hans Boersma and Matthew Levering, the series critically recovers patristic exegesis and interpretation for contemporary theology and spirituality. Each volume covers a specific church father and illuminates the exegesis that undergirds the Nicene Creed.

    Published July 1st 2011 by Baker Academic
    Copyright ©2012 Good Reads Inc.

    The Spirit of Food, 34 Writers on Feasting and Fasting toward God

    Leslie Leyland Fields, editor

    Description from Amazon:

    … Thirty-four adventurous writers open their kitchens, their recipe files, and their hearts to illustrate the many unexpected ways that food draws us closer to God, to community, and to creation. All bring a keen eye and palate to the larger questions of the role of food–both its presence and its absence–in the life of our bodies and spirits. Their essays take us to a Canadian wheat farm, a backyard tomato garden in Cincinnati, an organic farm in Maine; into a kosher kitchen, a line of Hurricane Katrina survivors as they wait to be fed, a church basement for a thirty-hour fast; inside the translucent layers of an onion that transport us to a meditation on heaven, to a church potluck, and to many other places and ways we can experience sacramental eating. In a time of great interest and equal confusion over the place of food in our lives, this rich collection, which includes personal recipes, will delight the senses, feed the spirit, enlarge our understanding, and deepen our ability to “eat and drink to the glory of God.”

    Featuring the writings of Robert Farrar Capon, Wendell Berry, Lauren Winner, Luci Shaw, Andre Dubus, Jeanne Murray Walker, Brian Volck, and many others, INCLUDING ORIGINAL RECIPIES!

    The Creedal Imperative by Carl Trueman

    Review by Charles Dunahoo:

    The Creedal Imperative is a book for our time.  With attempts to challenge the authority of the church, which also includes the authority of Scripture, this book sets forth the case of the necessary and rightful place of authority.  Carl Trueman, a theologian and historian who has a good grasp on our culture, is uniquely qualified to write this book.  His ability to communicate makes this an extremely important and timely book.

    More Recommended Reading:

    Calendar: Christ’s Time for the Church
    by  Laurence Hull Stookey
    The Christian Art of Dying: Learning from Jesus
    by Allen Verhey
    Was America a Christian Nation: A Historical Introduction
    by John Fea
    Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth
    by Bart D. Ehrman
    Beyond Smells and Bells: The Wonder and Power of Christian Liturgy
    by Mark Galli
    Sidewalks in the Kingdom: New Urbanism and the Christian Faith
    by Eric Jacobsen
    The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us about the Coming Conflicts and Battle against Fate
    by Robert D. Kaplan
    A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master”
    by Rachel Held Evans


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