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    The Fisherman’s Lady  by George MacDonald

    Michael Phillips has carefully and respectfully edited MacDonald’s original title, Malcolm (published in 1875), while maintaining its original style, charm, and richness. In the original text, the characters speak Scots, making much of the dialogue incomprehensible to modern-day readers. Phillips desired to stay as true to MacDonald’s original work as possible, aiming to retain for the 20th century reader (The Fisherman’s Lady was published in 1982) the style, tone, themes, and language which first drew him to MacDonald and inspired him to resurrect his works so that others would enjoy them too. The result is a suspenseful gothic tale set in the rustic countryside of Scotland, peopled with a range of noble and evil characters. Some scenes are quite humorous and memorable and throughout the book you can see foreshadowing of C.S. Lewis’ thoughts in the dialogue and themes (C.S. Lewis said that he never wrote a book in which he did not quote George MacDonald). (Christian Victorian Literature)


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