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    Every Sunday we gather for worship because we believe God will do exactly what He promised. He calls us together every week promising to cleanse us from our sins, speak to us in His word, hear our prayers and praises, feed us at His table, and send us out into the world under His blessing. As we gather, God renews His covenant with us so that we may live each day in communion with Him and with one another. Because we trust His promises, we come together expectantly looking to our Triune God to work on and in us that we might work for Him.

    In his book Dismissing Jesus: How We Evade the Way of the Cross, Doug Jones suggests that one of the ways of the cross—that is of following Jesus—is the “Way of Community.” He suggests that,

    The way of the cross thrives only in a dedicated body of believers, not heroic individuals. Jesus has delegated his mission on earth to his body, the church, the center of worship and effective ceremony. The way of the cross fails if it is not lived in community. It is not designed for loners. Jesus’ way assumes a community of love and commitment and burden bearing. It requires sacrifice and self-detail out of love for others in the body. The way of the cross is deeply communal because, in the end, it seeks to incarnate the love and loyalty of Father, Son, and Spirit on earth. The way of the cross seeks to make Trinity here and now. That is God’s mission for us.

    As we gather, God renews His covenant with us so that we may live each day in communion with Him and with one another.

    Along with Jones, we also recognize the importance of community for the life of the Christian and the strength of the church. And we recognize that there are many ways to foster that community. To that end, this morning is our annual Community Fair, a time for you to be made aware of what is going on around here at New Life and, more importantly, a time for you to throw yourself into the life of this community. We have many opportunities and we have many needs. As you go through the Fellowship Hall today, you will find small groups, Bible studies, prayer meetings, outreach, service, and fellowship represented.

    Please prayerfully consider where you might involve yourself.

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    Pastor of New Life La Mesa Presbyterian Church in San Diego, CA.

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