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    Thousands of years ago, God called a man named Abram to leave his home, his country and his family and promised to bless him and bless all the families of the earth through him. That covenant promise has been fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus Christ, the descendant of Abram, who forgives sins through His death and resurrection, and is in the process of restoring the divisions of the human race, restoring men and women to the glory for which we were made.

    Every Sunday we gather for worship because we believe God will do exactly what He promised. He calls us together every week promising to cleanse us from our sins, speak to us in His word, hear our prayers and praises, feed us at His table, and send us out into the world under His blessing. As we gather, God renews His covenant with us so that we may live each day in communion with Him and with one another. Because we trust His promises, we come together expectantly looking to our Triune God to work on and in us that we might work for Him.

    In the church’s calendar we are in the midst of Trinity Season (following Pentecost Sunday) which celebrates the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church. While the first half of the Church Calendar celebrates the life of Christ (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter), the second half of the Church Calendar remembers and rejoices in the growth of the Kingdom in this world, the lives of faithful saints throughout Church history, and the promises of the gospel for the world through the Spirit. We celebrate this season with the color of green (symbolizing this growth and fruitfulness).

    If you would like to talk to someone about who Jesus is or what it means to be a Christian, please see one of the pastors after the service or contact the church office to set up an appointment.  email: info@newlifelamesa.org // phone: 619.667.5999

    If you are new or have visited us recently, below is some info to help you make the most use of our facility:

    :: There are glassed-in rooms for child-training located behind the sanctuary which are wired for sound.
    :: There is also a nursery which is located through the back door of the sanctuary, to the west of the foyer. The nursery is also wired for sound. Please feel free to make use of these rooms as needed.
    :: Please join us in the Fellowship Hall located directly behind the sanctuary after the service for fellowship & refreshments.
    :: Visitor’s cards & flyers for upcoming events are located in the foyer on the Free Literature table. You will also find communication cards in the pews in front of you.

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    Pastor of New Life La Mesa Presbyterian Church in San Diego, CA.

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