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    This morning, Pastor Tallman and his family will begin a time of extended leave, often which is referred to as a Sabbatical.

    Taking the pattern of creation as a guide and the practice of resting one day in seven, the Church in general, and our denomination (PCA) in particular, has determined it wise to encourage their Ministers to take extended leave from their pastoral duties to enjoy a time of focused rest, research and rejuvenation. The usual pattern is to offer Ministers a Sabbatical leave every seven years, though the number of years between a Sabbatical leave and the length of time for each Sabbatical leave varies from church to church. Regardless of the particulars, the Sabbatical leave provides breathing room for the Minister away from the business of day-to-day duties so he can be refreshed, deepen his walk with Christ, and reflect on his ministry to and through the church with fresh eyes.

    In 2014, after performing the duties of Minister at New Life for 12 years (9 of those as Senior Minister), the Elders granted a Sabbatical leave to Pastor Tallman. He did not take the leave for a number of reasons, particularly the pending church plant and the needs of New Life would require in its aftermath. In 2017 the topic was raised again at our annual Elders’ retreat and the Session encouraged Pastor Tallman to take the Sabbatical leave in 2018, with the time period for the leave to be determined at Pastor Tallman’s discretion. His request for leave to begin on May 13 (following worship) and extend through July, was approved by the Session.

    Pastor Tallman will be spending time with his family: the rest part of the Sabbatical. He will also be devoting significant time reading through his extensive booklist—including topics on theology and culture—and will be able to spend the time necessary to read thoughtfully and contemplatively. He will also begin preparations for his next sermon series to begin upon his return to the pulpit. He and his family will spend time in various locations in the Northeast, South, and Northwest. He will not be preaching at any other churches during the Sabbatical leave as this would interfere with its very purpose. And, the answer is “no”, he is not seeking employment elsewhere, nor will he be visiting churches with this purpose in mind.

    During this time, preaching duties for morning worship will be split between Pastor Jasso and visiting Ministers and the pastoral responsibilities will be cared for by the Session. We will continue to be blessed as a congregation during his absence.

    We are thankful to God for Pastor Tallman’s 16 years of service and encourage the congregation of New Life to pray frequently for Pastor Tallman and his family during the leave, that he and they will enjoy rest and rejuvenation.

    ~ Elder Dean Abbott

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