• Advent, part 4

    Posted Dec 19th, 2014 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Believe What We Believe With | No Comments

    The older I get the more I am amazed at how quickly time passes. Once again I can’t believe that Christmas is so close. But it has not always been like this for me. When I was a kid it seemed like Christmas was never going to come. The waiting and anxiety were almost painful. …

  • Advent, Part 3

    Posted Dec 12th, 2014 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Do What We Do With | No Comments

    Last week we considered the way that our cultural calendars are often at odds with the church calendar and how this is especially the case during Advent. And it is especially the case when we consider the theme of Advent which is repentance and preparation. Laurence Stookey calls it a “little lent.” In support of …

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