• SATURDAY: Council Pinewood Derby

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    OK folks, we’ve had fun playing around in the bush leagues; this Saturday, May 31 is the SoCal Council Pinewood Derby. We expect between 100-200 cadets from all over Southern California to attend. Remember, 2,2,2 and L,L,L: two tracks, two projectors, $2 registration covers lunch, license and lanyard. Once again, the flyer is below.

    Whoever is going, we want to arrive around 11, and Google says the drive is almost 2 hours. Anybody can drive on their own if they want to of course, but I’ll be heading up a carpool from the church parking lot at 9. So leave a comment below, or email me, if you are coming, and let me know if you have made any driving/carpooling arrangements yet, or if you have seats, or if you need seats.

    Awards ceremony is scheduled for 4, so I would figure on not actually being able to leave until 4:30, so I think we should get some dinner up there before we drive down. Last time I was there, I discovered Omega Burger, which is just around the corner, and awesome. Omega burger is your quintessential cheap local non-chain burger (and Mexican!) joint. So I’ll be eating there, I hope some others will join me.

    P.S. I forgot to tell anybody about this, but we will have a table assigned to us as our “pit area”, and we can decorate it and try to win an award. From the rules packet,

    Each group is encouraged to bring a Club Poster to set up in the center of its Pit. The poster should stand alone and include your Club Name, the name of your racing team, your team logo and any photos you wish to include. Suggested poster size is 15″ wide x 18″ tall. Table decorations such as flags and stickers are allowed, however attaching stickers to your pit table is not. An award will be given to the team the judges deem the “Best Pit Area”.

    So if anybody is feeling creative and wants to make us a poster, that would be great.. Otherwise, we’ll just be posterless — this year anyways.

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