• Reformation Sunday

    Posted Oct 29th, 2010 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Believe What We Believe, Why We Do What We Do With | 1 Comment Reformation Sunday

    For a church to not have a Reformation Service or reminder of the Reformation on October 31 is like the U.S. not celebrating Independence Day on July 4th. Granted, there is no divine mandate, “thou shalt celebrate Independence Day.” It does, however, seem like a good idea for a nation to pass on a heritage …

  • Cadets this week

    Posted Oct 25th, 2010 By in Cadets Blog With | 3 Comments

    This week for cadets, it is the last Wed of the month (10/27), so we will be having GAME NIGHT with PIZZA! And better yet, come early (6:30) if you want to practice ARCHERY! As always, you can find this information from the Cadet Calendar, which you can bookmark, or always get to via the …

  • Name of God – YHWH

    Posted Oct 24th, 2010 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Believe What We Believe With | No Comments Name of God – YHWH

    In the previous weeks we have emphasized the massive chasm that exists between God and his creation. Because of this God cannot be known in himself, for he alone knows himself. Rather, he must reveal himself to us in ways that are understandable to our fragility and humanness. In other words, he must accommodate our …

  • Elohim

    Posted Oct 15th, 2010 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Believe What We Believe With | No Comments Elohim

    According to one baby name website, the name “Brian is pronounced BRY-en. It is of Celtic, Irish, and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Brian is “high, noble”. Could also mean “strength”.” Who would have thought all that to be wrapped up in a name? And who would have thought it to be such a dead …

  • OM’s medical camps provide life-saving help in Pakistan

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    from http://omusa.org/articles/r23545: The OM team in northern Pakistan continues to provide medical help for hundreds of people in villages and relief camps. The team is grateful to the local church for help in arranging these life-saving medical camps. People receiving treatment commented: “This is the first medical camp we have come across which provides good, …

  • The Name(s) of God

    Posted Oct 10th, 2010 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Believe What We Believe With | No Comments The Name(s) of God

    This week USA Today ran a front page article entitled, “How America Sees God.” The article was based upon a new book on the topic. According to the book, research shows that Americans view God in one of four ways. He is an authoritative God, a benevolent God, a distant God or a critical God. …

  • Fall Campout, Oct 15-16

    Posted Oct 6th, 2010 By in Cadets Blog With | 5 Comments

    We’re gearing up for our Fall Campout. Watch this page; I will continue to add details as we nail them down. [Update 10/07] Two things to add: Note that Laura have added a “Subscribe to comments for this post” RSS-link, so can automatically get updates if you are using an RSS-reader Note also that if …

  • Welcome to Cadets!

    Posted Oct 6th, 2010 By in Cadets Blog With | No Comments Welcome to Cadets!

    We are going to try to transition from mass emailings to using the capatilities of this beautiful new church website. Cadet parents, please subscribe to this blog so you will be notified whenever we Cadet Counselors have information for you. You have two options:

  • U.S. Christians Urged to ‘Not Grow Weary’ in Aiding Pakistan Flood Victims

    Posted Oct 5th, 2010 By in Missionaries, Missions News Blog With | No Comments

    In a Christian Post article, K.P. Yohanen of Gospel for Asia exhorts the church to “not grow weary in well-doing” and continue to stand with those who are bringing relief – and God’s healing love – to the victims of Pakistan’s massive flooding. The article goes on to state: World Vision, the largest Christian relief group in …

  • Revelation

    Posted Oct 3rd, 2010 By in Knowing God, Why We Believe What We Believe With | No Comments

    We started out by saying that the knowledge of God is the goal of life—yes, even life itself (John 17:3). Then, last week, we noted that God is, in his essence, incomprehensible (cf. 1 Tim. 6:16; Rom. 11:33-36). How are these two seemingly antithetical propositions reconciled? For starters we remember that while it is impossible …

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