• The Incomprehensibility of God

    Posted Sep 26th, 2010 By in Knowing God, Why We Believe What We Believe With | No Comments The Incomprehensibility of God

    At the heart of any theological enterprise is the knowledge of God. To know God is “life itself” (Bavinck). There is one small problem, though. How can the creature know the Creator? God’s ways are unfathomable and his judgments are unsearchable (Rom. 11:33). No one has ever known his mind and he has never sought …

  • Knowing God

    Posted Sep 17th, 2010 By in Knowing God, Pastor Brian's Blog With | No Comments Knowing God

    Narrowly defined, theology is the study of God. Generally, though, theology is defined more broadly, relating to God and Christ, creation and new creation, redemption and reconciliation, and everything in between. As Herman Bavinck says, “So then the knowledge of God is the only dogma, the exclusive content, of the entire field of dogmatics. All …

  • Psalm 119:33-40

    Posted Sep 5th, 2010 By in Pastor Brian's Blog, Why We Believe What We Believe With | No Comments

    The tone of Ps. 119:33-40 is one of need, desperation and passion. Every verse but the last begins with a request: teach…give me understanding…lead me…incline my heart…turn my eyes…confirm…turn away. It is a most helpful section of Scripture in assisting us in praying for conformity to God’s Word and for greater growth in godliness. The …

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